Saturday, November 10, 2012

and I've made a decision ....

When I have settled in Spain ... and am about to launch my VA biz ... I'm taking down my blog.

My decision is based on two reasons:

1.  It feels as though I've had two lives .... the first being with my parents, the second with Cliff ... and I'll be embarking on my third.  A fresh start.

2.  It's reputation protection.  Let's be honest.  If a prospective client does a google search on me and reads this blog, I wouldn't blame him if he went running for the hills.  Only the widowed know that my writings are testament to my having a sane reaction to an insane situation.  The untouched will simply think I'm insane.

And, I'm going to Myrtle Beach ... however, my reason for going is not part of my healing process.  I'll be very honest.  I'm going to socialise and see peeps who have become close friends family ... and I just want to chill out in the sun, drink margaritas, laugh and have fun.  Spend time with Kathy Papajohn and all those familiar faces that I've grown to love so much.  It's a break.  And that my friends, speaks volumes.  It tells me how far I've come in this 4 year journey.


  1. Totally get it Boo. I sure wish I had the money to join you in Myrtle Beach 'cause it sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. I've missed Camp Widow since that first time we spent the weekend getting to know each other even better. Such a powerful experience. Glad things are turning around for you! By the way, what's a VA biz? Hugs to you!

  2. i have always thought i'd be on the edge of your life looking in through your blog, keeping up, and being able to reach out and let you know i'm still here. but knowing you're moving on and away, and ending my way to find out about you, to be honest, it will be hard. it is another loss and that is horribly selfish of me. i understand and support you in everything.

    meeting you and Deb and Dan, trying to hang on to you guys through it all; i see that i haven't really been able to. April @ Myrtle Beach, you'll be right around the corner and yet may as well be 3000 miles away. i'll be working. keeping my head above water.

    long story short, i am going to miss you very much. you and i spent that first Christmas Eve together online. i'll never forget that. i love you, Boo. i hope you think of me from time to time. don't forget me.

  3. hello there sweetheart.
    That is all at this time. <3

  4. I will certainly miss you. I am glad you are starting a new road in your journey--I am just 10 months out and it will be a long road for me. You have helped me unmeasurably in knowing that things i was feeling were quite "normal" in this widowhood journey. Take care and have a really great life!!!

  5. I'll be here till january ... and will be blogging for my new online business ... and may start one up for Spain too. xxx

    thanks all for your love and understanding

  6. I vote that you definitely start a new blog. Please!!!
    And I can't wait to see you in April!!
    Much love!

  7. Janine, I wil definitely start a new blog about my new life, home, business etc <3

    Only 5 weeks till I vacate this home !!!!