Thursday, October 11, 2012

update on stolen fairy dust

So ...

after sending texts to two numbers - I was finally graced with a response.  I have been promised a payment on Tuesday.  (I have a feeling that I would have been ignored had I not texted her other half though).

The person who I let down, albeit because I was extremely ill, has not bothered to ask how I am ... I guess my boiler will now go unfixed.

and ... my peeps have been back in touch and are helping me again tomorrow ... I know they think that all is fine and dandy again ... and I can't be bothered to spell out the consequences of them not doing what they said they would do .... the impact on me is - a further delay of 4 weeks.  Because the plan of action was interrupted, unfortunately other logistical support will now be put off till peeps return from their two-week holiday ... so my house should be on the market NOW, and it will not be till end October.

Funds are scarily low ... and I have no illusion that come the end of this month, the same peeps will be chasing me to deliver on what I said I would do ... even though they have not.  It sounds snottily ungrateful.  I do so appreciate it - they've done loads, but I was relying on them and now I'm even more stressed.

Maybe it's my fault.  I thought I'd made my predicament clear.  But perhaps I should have spelled it out, like A leads to B and this leads to C ... blah blah blah.

So, I'm trying to sell the Kent pegs, good timber in storage in the garden, as well as old collectible chimney pots.

And tomorrow Matt will hopefully manage to open the safe ... so I can sell the confederate banknotes, and get my mitts on the cash in there.  

I've chased my PPI claim, asking them to update me on the progress of my settlement, and received a credit card (with limit of £1k) this week (even though I didn't request it!)

What a fucking nightmare.  And to top it off, the man whose car I scratched has phoned to say he's sick of going round in circles trying to claim on my insurance, so I'm going to pay it (£300) and keep my no-claims bonus.  I'd have to pay a surplus, it's a no-brainer, but unwelcome ....

FFS, I so do NOT want to ask my big sis for a loan - ARGHHHHHHHH.

Off to the doc again tomorrow .... hopefully, I'll feel a bit better after?

And it'll be good to see Kirsty and Matt - just to have some human contact and noise in the house.

and I have NO idea why the first paragraph is highlighted in white????


  1. phht. Chasing ends around. *hate* that you have to over-state (or even state) things that seem inherently obvious. Hard to not have more than a side helping of incredulous gape jaw when you have to spell out all the bits.

  2. Boo:
    So sorry to hear things are not going well, but... you have company here in NJ. Both of my houses are up for sale, no one is looking at them, my mortgage company is down my neck even though its for sale. My job sucksssss big time... and I have so much anxiety I am jumping out of my skin. So I wonder when things will get easier on us huh??? They say God has a plan for us, helloooo still waiting for it. Anytime now I say.
    Here's my email if you need a NJ gal to vent too
    Four years and still going???
    (Biggg Huggsss)

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