Sunday, September 23, 2012

aaaah, that explains things

BEFORE I FORGET - if you are a "new" widow/er - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE arrange for a medical check-up around the six month anniversary.  Loss and grief can manifest itself as physical / medical condition(s).  This post refers to the impact my loss had on my health.  The mind/body connection is so so strong.

Please also read my friend's blog post about the massive toll that grief has taken on her body here.

It has taken three and a half years of widowhood for me to change ...

from this ....

to this ....


So, I've been researching about Diabetes Type II (high blood sugar), Over-active thyroid (fast metabolism), B12 deficiency ... all of which I have been diagnosed with ...

and guess what, they share many symptoms ... and affect each other ... in a vicious circle ... 

high blood pressure
digestive problems - bloating (interestingly substituting gluten free and lactose free groceries in my diet has helped this somewhat)
high cholesterol
increased heart rate
feeling hot 
itchy skin
weight loss
swollen legs/ankles
difficulty to concentrate
weak auto-immunity
lack of energy
resistance to exercise due to weakness, loss of muscle, esp in limbs
no motivation
bleeding gums
joint pain
numb feet
loss of balance
increased appetite
infections - ear
tooth decay

to name a few.  I already have "Diabetes for Dummies", and have ordered Could it be B12? "Thyroid for Dummies" as well as a "Coconut Recipe Book" and some coconut oil as a substitute for butter, oil etc - to improve my cholesterol levels.  

Education is key in fighting this fight.  And research is my thing.  

I know that the DASH Diet is the best eating plan for diabetes, making some minor tweaks for the thyroid issue (e.g.  I thought that I was being healthy eating raw broccoli - it actually exacerbates the goitre, like a few other vegetables ... unless it is cooked.)  I have a DASH shopping list and will amend it accordingly.  E.g.  Bananas are GREAT for diabetics, but should be rationed for thyroid problems.

Now I know why I've found it near impossible to get anything physical done ... why I've been so low, why I've been struggling, why ... even when I was sticking to my diet rigorously ... my glucose levels were not hitting target.

To have an explanation is a relief.  Because I have to tell you, that I have not been me ... for a long time.  Having these conditions go undiagnosed for too long means I have to build myself up from rock bottom ... but hey, for a widow ... been there, done that, got the t-shirt.  Re-reading recent posts I sound like a whiny, making myself a fucking victim, poor widow me, self-pitying .... meh.  You get the picture.   Grief too has played its part ... but I think that all of it - the whole kit n kaboodle has got mixed up in my mind, body and soul's blender - overlapping, with no defined boundaries.  Mind you, this is no surprise ... a holistic approach is the only approach IMHO.

Back to the doc tomorrow.  I'm going to ask for a monthly B12 jab and look forward to my Rx for thyroid.  I'm going to suggest not taking a statin or BP pills as - treating these conditions holistically should take care of those nasty little side-effects.  And, I'm going to discuss the benefits of insulin vs. pills to control the diabetes, taking into consideration the medical benefits that metformin has on diabetes and thyroid issues.  (I don't know if you can take insulin and metformin.)  I must be desperate to get better LOL ... if I'm contemplating needles over pills.

I'm in the right state of mind ... add the right meds into the mix, short dog-walks building up into longer ones, friends helping me to purge and pack, the DASH eating plan, a zinc supplement, cooked broccoli ;-)

yes, he is a little dog, and yes he drags me along

Onward and upwards ....

forwards, sideways ....

slowly .... one step at a time.

whinge-free positive blogging TM

... and ... da da da ... 

I have ordered one of those e-cigarette things.  Yes, I really have.


  1. You go girl! You are an inspiration! And you are so right - grief takes a massive toll on our physical health while we are just trying to function and survive. Good for you for grabbing health by the horns. I am inspired! Thank you! Love and hugs!

  2. an e-cigarette thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Megan, for some reason I cannot comment on blogs that make you do the "prove you are not a robot" thing .... but I wanted to tell you that your post made me cry, but more than that it made me so proud of you x

    2. aw, thanks boo. Needed some love tonight. <3

      and commenting - happens sometimes with blogspot. Try logging out, then as anon. Fickle thing.

  3. p.s. soy is BAD BAD BAD .... not using Alpro anymore

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