Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A little dent in a huge task

Cue:  *trumpet blare*

Da-da-daaaaah ...

Today, I started purging ...

10 large refuse sacks are filled.

(Oh, and I scrubbed the toilet and cleaned the fridge freezer.)

It's a start.

Every mammoth task is tackled, little by little, until it is completed.

And I have help coming this weekend.



  1. Love, Love, LOVE the purging of a room/home! Yes, I'm weird that way, but have always loved helping people get organized and clearing out their junk. I've been paid for it, but truthfully, I'd do it for free. There's nothing like the feeling of knowing that your closet is purged, organized and looks brand-spanking new.
    But maybe that's just me.
    Congrats. I know how you feel.
    Another item checked off of the list.