Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A productive day

Wow.  I've spent ALL day working on my new website for my Virtual Assistant business ... it's almost there ... I need to add some testimonials, create a new Facebook page, cross check all the links (LinkedIn etc), and launch it.

But not before I've run it past my Marketing Guru.

I'm pretty sure I have the branding and logo buttoned down - I learned enough from him through osmosis over the years ... but we'll see what he says.

Virtual Tweed 
Exhausted, but in a good way.  I'm relieved to have done the "donkey work"online, not to mention all the research (deciding which services and what rates to apply to them) that I completed 3 months ago.  THAT was a mammoth task, researching virtual assistant websites, forums and associations.

The virtual business will contribute 1/3 of my income when I move to Spain ... the remainder coming from Teaching English as a Foreign Language for perhaps 3 hours per week, and finally rental income from a yet-to-be-purchased property in a yet-to-be-decided location/country.  Who knows?  Sicily?  Spain?  Thailand?   Am taking advisement and need to mull this one over.  Slowly and carefully.  I shan't get a second chance at this if I screw it up.

The whole point of emigrating is to change down a gear.  To work from home.  No commute.  Maximum of 20 hours per week.  Get my health on track.  Walking and swimming.  Fresh fruit and fish.

It's a lifestyle change.  No more BMW (BMW = Break My Windows in Spain ... LOL).  My vehicle of choice will be a second-hand automatic.  Don't care what brand it is.  It HAS to have scratches on it already ... so that I don't get upset when it acquires more scratches.  And the colour?  Who cares.  It will be dust-coloured.  Like every other car ... due to the winds that blow the sands across from the desert.

I don't need a high income.  I've worked out my outgoings.  The simple things in life.

These shoes were my last big spend before moving.  My swan song :-)

Roll on the markets.  Linen trousers and a top for £3.50.  Really.  Cut-off frayed Levi's.  The thinnest cotton tops.  Espadrilles and Havaiana thongs.  Rip Curl bikini at the ready.

Gain some weight.  Plump up my ugly skinny arms.

Enjoy the sunsets.  Enjoy my Barney Boo Bear.  Enjoy visitors.  Smell the roses, as it were.

Having time.

Enjoying my space.  A key-ready home.  No more stress about unfinished electrics, roof tiles, flooring ... blah blah blah.

Thankfully, I've finally accepted help to purge, clean and sort the house - this week, we're attacking the rest of the ground floor.

Perhaps, the house will finally get to market in August ... and with a little smattering of Tinkerbell magic, I'll still be in and settled by Christmas.

Settled as I'll ever be, that is.  I know that I will never ever stop loving or missing my Baba.  But, my standard of living will improve.  Less stress.  My new normal.  My line in the sand.  New home.  New life.  New haircut.

Now then, I just need to get through tomorrow.  It's my Diabetes review ... blood test, urine test, feet check, smear test, blood pressure, cholesterol.  The whole works.  OMFG.  Alison (my diabetes nurse) is going to kill me.  I can't find my glucose monitor anywhere and am clueless about my blood sugar levels ... suffice to say I am eating very well, but am unfit.  No energy.  I'm too thin ... which suggests my glucose is way too high.  OK.  Another line in the sand.  A fresh start.  From tomorrow.  And I mean that.  Tomorrow.  Not.  Mañana.


  1. here's to Improved standard of Living. Amen.

    Rental property in addition to your main house in spain, right? I've heard that vietnam is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Haven't been there myself. On your side of the globe, not caribbean or south/central america I'm guessing? There's probably a whole lot of objective, practical research about the lowest cost of living, least amount of hassles for foreign ownership, oh all that stuff that feels tiring to contemplate. How 'bout Bali?

  2. Food for thought. TY hon x

    May have a peek online today ;-)

  3. Boo:
    It seems that your whole mental aspect of life has gotten better. Good for you. I don't think your DH would want you to keep being sad, but to live life and enjoy. I am sure he would want that for you. Now if only I could have some of your upness? rub off on
    Take care, Michele-NJ