Saturday, February 11, 2012

An update on that dude called Joe

So, we never managed to find a mutual evening when ....

a. I wasn't in a good place and he would have ended up listening to me wax lyrical, or worse, boo about how much I miss my soulmate.
b. he wasn't around (and I have to admit that a couple of my male friends' suspicion that he MAY be married could be true)
c. but then, he really blew it ...
c.1. he called me "sexy" (Cliff thought I was but called me "beautiful")
c.2. then it got worse. I got a text, and he said (verbatim) ... "you look sexy, but are you LOL xxxx" Oh fuck off you stupid
little boy. You just don't touch my mind in special places, and you never could.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time to remember it's not about me

I don't want to blog about the details, but I have to be strong for the family now. It's not about me. It's about someone who I love very much and respect. Tomorrow I will be my husband's wife and do what's right ... remember it's about this person, not at all about me. Make my husband proud.

Today, I will be strong and sort my bills finally.

Today, I will be strong enough to admit that I'm not capable of making phone calls. Tomorrow I will not need to for I shall see my family in the flesh. Be there for them, as they were for me.

Today, I will distract myself by attempting to reply to emails, Facebook posts and making headway on my new business, whilst learning how my new laptop works.

Today, I will prepare myself for tomorrow by being positive.

Tomorrow I will be strong. Tomorrow I will make Cliff proud.