Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Grief is the price you pay for love.

The price is high ... but is it too high?

No it's not.

Those 15 years I shared with my magical beautiful husband, as well as the years before, as friends ... Oh, every second of this pain. The pain that feels like an amputation without anaesthetic ... Where I STILL feel as though I am bleeding everywhere. He is worth every second of this pain.

After a while ... you learn that time does not exist. Not when you love.

My heart is filling with love.

Little by little - the love is squeezing the pain out of my heart. Slowly but surely.



  1. hello lovely. How nice to read your words.

  2. agree about time and love.
    good to see you 'here' today.
    take care.


  3. i always keep you in my thoughts. i also agree about time and love. i wish you peace.

  4. Boo, stop by my blog at and pick up the Liebster Award. Hugs, Thelma

  5. Totally agree that our time together was worth the grief now. I wish he was here to tell that too.... Love to you, Boo!!!!

  6. you know. I wish you could see my face sometimes. When I check my blog and see your comments ... feel the love and solidarity <3