Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thank You Chelsea

Ohhhhhhh, these lyrics

and here's U2 singing it


I've been in that deep dark place recently. Battling the darkness. These words have reached me.


It's time to walk towards the light again. Clean the house. Look after myself properly. Only I can choose to do that ... only I am accountable .... only I can choose my attitude.

Never forget, you always have a choice.


  1. This song reached me too when Chelsea posted it on Facebook. You are so right that we choose our attitude. It's a conscious decision that I have to make every minute, and I don't always make the best choice. But these lyrics are playing over in my head today and are inspiring. Have a good day! Love you!

  2. You DO have a choice and you have chosen to come join us in a bit over 8 days!!!!! And that darkness will be banished for a wonderful weekend!!! I cannot wait to see your face and to watch you smile .... even if you do cry tears of joy.