Thursday, May 26, 2011

You should be here

Scarlett Grace Mayhew

My beautiful husband, you should be here for this. Your grand-daughter arrived on Monday the 23rd May, at a healthy weight of just under 8 pounds. She is gorgeous ... adorable.

I'm going to see her tomorrow ... I can't wait till Friday and I could hear the happiness in Jayde's words when I told her I was coming a day early.

But you should be here. You should be holding her gently in those huge hands. Just for a while before I get an hour long cuddle ...

This is not right. The universe has made an almighty fuck-up.

Your blood is running through your daughter's veins, and your blood also runs through this precious new life, along with her two beautiful siblings. How can you not be here?

I shall hold her, smell that baby-scent on the top of her pretty head and I shall cry. Happy tears, tinged with sorrow. Did you hold her soul before she came here? Did you whisper to her that you'd be watching over her? Did you ask her to tell her Mum and I that you love us? Did she giggle? I keep remembering your face, the emotion shining from your clear blue eyes as they "drank" your daughter and me in. It was as though you were trying to take a mental photograph. We were singing along to something that had very explicit lyrics and Jayde was 14. You managed to ignore that ... and told us, "Oh I love you both so so much."

You had a heart as big as the house you built for us. You still do ... it's just not tangible anymore. I know you're here sometimes. We're going to be okay, but we're never going to stop missing you. How could we?

You should be here ... making me cry with emotion at the sight of her, the whole of her held safely in one of your hands. I miss your hands so much.

She is so beautiful, baba. And tomorrow will be the only time that I cry with happiness and sorrow. I shan't be able to stop the tears, if I do, I'll end up even worse ... after the first few seconds of that first cuddle, there will be only happiness. It's just the first few seconds.

I'm so excited. And you know ... over the past couple of months I've really not been doing well ... getting stressed, working silly hours, diabetes tiring me even more, so I had no energy to look after myself or the house, and working silly hours gave me an escape from the reality of you not being here. A vicious circle, spiralling downwards, out of control - the pilot completely oblivious ... until her boss marched her to HR and read her the riot act.

So ... a new life in our family. Already loved. A new start for me - working towards some balance in my little world. You were my balance and my safety net.

You should be here. I love you. I want you.


  1. Much love to you, Boo - and all the Mayhews.
    You're right, he should be here.


  2. yes, Boo, much love to you and everyone. and yeah, he should be here.

  3. These are the moments Boo...aren't they...once we're past the shock and on to the rest of our lives...these moments when they really should be here. Enjoy it and soak it in for him too.

  4. Beautiful new bundle of joy and ... life. You're right, he should be here to experience this joy with you. Then again in a way, not the way we want it, but in a way...he is!

  5. It's the special moments that most reveal the gaping big holes they've left. And it is so damn hard... You take care of yourself, Boo. It is hard to put ourselves at the top of our priority lists, but you know that Cliff would be so pissed off if you showed up in heaven before your time because you let yourself fall to the bottom of your priorities. Yet balance is so difficult to find, especially when we're trying to not sit still for too long so the sadness will overwhelm us. Take care of yourself my dear Boo! Love you!