Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Will you join us in helping a sister widow?

We are a close community. Some of us have never met, and may never ever meet face to face ... but I feel such strong ties to everyone in this circle. This community. You are family, actually you have become as important to me as my family over the past two years.

I would not have coped this far or this well without each and every one of you. Fact. Because of having you there beside me, cheering me on, understanding and feeling what I feel ... I have felt less alone. I have realized that I am not losing my sanity. There have been days when I would only open up to this community, shutting the rest of the world out.

We've laughed together and we've cried.

Many of us refer to each other as sister-widows. I have many times.

Well, one of our sisters needs help. Right now. Her name is Cadi and she was born to be a mother (IMHO). She has beautiful children and she is a gentle soul. Cadi has not asked for help. But she needs it now. Some of my favourite sister-widows got together and asked for help on her behalf, which makes me proud to know such huge hearts. Hearts that despite their unspeakable pain are full of love and caring.

Please visit her blog and donate a few dollars/pounds. Any amount ... $5 ... £5 ... or whatever you can give ... will be gratefully received.

The lovely Debbie Thomas (Sudden Widow) is also asking for a contact for a Lawyer in NZ, please let her know if you know of someone who would work pro bono. Please.

here's the link to Deb's blog:

and here's the link to Cadi's blog where you can read Jackie Chandler's guest post ... and donate via PayPal.

Please send her light and love. We are all devastated by our grief, overwhelmed and struggling ... fighting our own private battles. But I for one know that I can afford to stay in my home, heat it and eat 3 meals a day. Not all of us are so fortunate.

If we can't help each other, well ... who can we help?


  1. Beautiful post, Boo. This wave of love and light that is being sent to Cadi warms my heart. I pray it is helping her.

  2. Perfectly stated Margo. I too have not known the added despair of being financially burdened during this time. I'm so pleased with how our community is coming together for Cadi. Isn't this why we are here? There are so many ways that we meet each others needs on a daily basis. I, for one, am eternally grateful for all the love and support I have received from each online friend along the way.



  3. just read Deb's call for help. and i thought, i have no money to spare but then i see yours and ah, i can donate a small amount. i know how much even an extra $10 means to me. my rent is paid. i have some food. i still have a bit in the account. i can spare some. peace to all.

  4. Good post, my sister-widow. I'm so glad that you all shared her story with the rest of us.

  5. How thoughtful of you, Boo. I will go by her blog now. And yes, we are all sisters.

  6. Just went by her blog, signed on to follow and made a donation.

  7. bless your hearts. Community. Empathy. Understanding. I love it and am so proud to count you as my friends. It is heart-warming xx