Saturday, May 28, 2011

Three Days Old

Scarlett Grace Mayhew

I didn't cry, baba. (Not till I got home and shut the front door behind me.)

Not even when I smelled that baby smell (you know, that amazing babyness/scent on the top of her head ... does nature make babies smell gorgeous as well as look gorgeous so that adults immediately want to protect them at any cost?), or even when I first held her.

She is a relaxed, content and beautiful baby. Most of the time she slept ... yet we found that fascinating ... finding ourselves leaning towards her, just looking ... we kept doing that. And laughing at ourselves.

I know this. I would die for her. When she wrapped her fingers around one of mine ... I knew I would always love her. She is part of you. As your daughter and other two grandchildren are. You cannot help but love those who are part of the person who you love so deeply. So I do.

When she held my finger, I nearly lost it ... because I remembered you telling me that when Jayde first did that to you, you felt a bond and you loved her from that very moment.

I'm so so happy to have them in my life. Another legacy. Breathing legacies with great personalities.

She is magical, baba. I think you held her soul before she came here. It's a shame that she will have forgotten by the time she can walk and talk. But I think she remembers now.


They aren't mine. But I don't even need to wish they were ... because they ARE. Mine. Simply because I love them. We are all family in every sense of the word, bonded because of you.



  1. there is nothing more beautiful than a newborn, a baby, a toddler, a child of 2, a child of 12, of 20, or of 53, 56, 87.....

    i have often wondered if little souls waiting to be born see those who have died pass by. i have wondered if there is a quick word of advice, a wave from a grandfather the little soul won't know during life but will see once again upon their own death.

    such innocence. such wisdom. such a large thing, a soul, put into such a little body. welcome to the world, little one. you've already met your grandpa. you can tell everyone about it when you're older.

  2. So, so beautiful, Margo.
    You are blessed. :)

  3. Beautiful Boo. I just found out yesterday I'm gonna be a nana by the youngest. The baby is grown. He is with my husbands best friends daughter. I thought about Rob and know he'd be so pleased.
    You always have such a beautiful way of putting life into words!

  4. thanks everyone she really is a blessing <3