Monday, April 25, 2011

enough already

Goodnight baba. Thank you for the glorious sunset.

I forgot something. You taught me never to give up. Never. So I shall not give up. Ever.
To do so would dishonour you. It's okay to grieve. But not for days and days on end. I also promised you that I wouldn't do that again. And I promised you, as you were dying that I would be okay, that it was okay to go. I need to deliver on that promise to you. It was the last promise I made you. How could I break a promise to the one person, the only man who never, not once let me down.

The sun will rise again tomorrow and I will shed this attitude as it does so. For you. For me. For love. And Light.

and I shall remember these words, written in Zulu ... and honour you.

(Go well brave warrior woman, for the sun will rise again tomorrow.)

And rise it shall.

And rise I shall.

... for Love is stronger than death.


  1. Hugs and prayers from Texas, Boo!!!! I'm cheering you on. I know you can't hear it but I hope that in some small way, you can feel it.
    Sending you love and strength, my friend.
    Strength to keep rising .... even after we fall down again.

  2. I can feel your love Janine. Big hugs to you my lovely friend <3

    Boo xx

  3. so beautiful. i can feel your struggle to truly live. love is stronger than death and i know there are times, God forgive me, but there are times when my strength is so sucked down into the darkness that i forget....
    you are such a strong woman. so much the true mate for Cliff. etched in stone for all time.

    i wish you peace.

  4. I know how easy it is for us to find ourselves drowning in our sorrows, for days on end. The tough work always comes after the awareness that, yes, we went there again.

    I love you Margo.

  5. I know you'll make it. No, you won't stop loving him or grieving him or missing him, but you will keep going. Take care,

  6. <3 I had a pretty good day today ... think doing some of the preparation/homework tasks in that grief recovery book helped. Shoulders feel a little lighter