Saturday, March 26, 2011

The second firework

and so, the three of us watched my beautiful strong husband shoot up up up so high in the night sky. No fuss, no words ... for there are none that can adequately describe him or our feelings. (I had kissed him/the firework 'goodbye' whilst walking from my car to Roy's house, much to the confusion of a teenage boy. I wonder why I have done this "when peeps that I know are not watching" with both the first and this firework.)
Roy watched his friend's ashes scattered by this fiercesomely powerful firework. Power with beauty. A little like my love, who had two sides - the strong and the soft. We knew both sides of him. Few truly knew Cliff.
It was good to watch him go together. It was good that Roy got to say goodbye to his friend as he had missed the funeral due to being thousands and thousands of miles away at the time.
I walked ever so slowly back indoors, eyes remaining on the sky ... with Shirley gently encouraging me back indoors, to be wrapped up in an enormous bear hug by Roy. The moment was over ... as we giggled that the enormous explosion hadn't woken up Roy's snoozing mum.
Thank you R & S for being there for me always ... and for "getting it". I love you both.


  1. i am sure it was a magnificent display across the heavens. it seems you and i have a thing about looking up. i wish you peace.

  2. Wow! Very cool and profound at the same time!

  3. Boo, from your description of your dynamic man, a fitting tribute. Well done x