Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday

a day for remembering the life that filled a room wherever he went - Jayde Mayhew

I had no fear despite the fact that I was miles above the earth, because I was safe in his arms. In fact, fear was never a consideration.
All I felt was happiness and a sense of normalcy because I was close to him and it was so natural to slip back into "us" ... the way we were.
He was behind me and holding me in his arms, just the way he did the first time we went on holiday together. I remember feeling completely safe then too as he gently swayed and swished me around in the warm Caribbean sea ... I remember letting go and feeling the warmth and security that a child does when they absolutely trust their parent not to let go. Blissfully unaware. "Is that nice, baby? Are you happy?"
He was holding me just like that. Except this time we were miles and miles above the Earth. "Look, baby ... see?" as he pointed out where the sun was warming the Earth, bathing a continent or country in the warmest bronze you ever saw.
I turned around, wrapping my arms around his neck. All I could feel was love, happiness and knowing that I was where I was supposed to be. Where I belonged. Home. With him.
The huge firey sun was nearby, flame-throwing right behind us. But I didn't care. I saw it as a thing of beauty alone.
When I woke up this morning, the dream was so vivid still and I don't think I shall ever forget it, or the feelings that accompanied it. How could I? They were all that I felt for 15 solid years. Yet, recently I have felt as though I'd forgotten what it really felt like ... and I kept telling him so ... (yes, I still speak to him).
So on the morning of his 55th birthday, he gave me the gift of remembering ... how we were ... how it felt ... and he reaffirmed my faith that he is waiting for me. I guess the line in the song that we got married to (Van Morrison's "Someone Like You") is right ...
"Baby, the best is yet to come" ...
Thanks to Naz for lighting a candle in the place of his birth - Malta - for the light that lit up so many rooms and lives, just as his daughter's words describes above.


  1. What a beautiful dream! Big (((HUGS))) and a happy birthday Cliff from me!!!

  2. what peace you must have felt with such a dream. i know a few men who are hanging out with Cliff today, whatever today means where they are. drinks. smokes. laughter.

    us women are waiting for you, too.

    peace, Boo.

  3. What a lovely dream and at such a special time.

  4. Absolutely beautiful words. His special day & you also received a gift. What a thoughtful man you have (yes, have).

  5. Such a wonderful gift that dream was, Boo. "The gift of remembering" the love you shared. Simply beautiful.