Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dedicated to womanNshadows a.k.a. Susan

The Ambassador of Grief and Whimsy visits London
The Bun hangs out with Boo for a coupla weeks

I created this little book over the weekend, and dedicate it to wNs. Of course it is for anyone to enjoy, however all credit goes to Susan and I wanted to thank her publicly (much to her chagrin I am sure) for turning her idea into reality.

Thank you so much Susan for arranging all the logistics, for all the little details of love and care that went into Bun's around-the-world-trip to meet widows, right down to making her a rucksack and enclosing a journal for us to share whatever we want to, for every little stitch that you embroidered onto her jeans and t-shirt, for making me laugh when I saw her silk knickers with the hole in them for her white cotton-tail to peep through. Tears smarted my eyes when I saw your CR loves SR signature because I could visualize you sitting there, doubtless crying when you had to sew those particular stitches.

Thank you for reaching out in such an innovative, fun yet touching way.

Thank you for my gift (which I am not allowed to talk about).

I enjoyed her visit and was stunned when I realized that I had made a decision about my future because of it! I'd had to think about where I'd take her, what people I wanted her to meet ... and simply taking a moment each day to stop and think ... was a catalyst that kicked off a thought process, which in turn dictated that some research be completed ... with a fairly well rounded plan being the end result.

It's a particularly stressful time for me right now, not to mention Cliff's 55th birthday (16th March) hanging over me like the Sword of Damocles.

So thank you for providing me with some silliness, laughter and giggles. Thank you for the respite.

oh and BTW I told her about that rabbit-proof fence in Australia and she said to let you know to be sure to ring ahead and let the lady know that she'd like to walk her along its entire length while she's there. She's not really interested in any other tourist attractions.

and finally (and seriously), please know that I will not be offended in the least if you completely change these pages when you write about Bun's Visit to London ... because I want you to write the world-trip book the way you want to .... ok?

This is just about thanking you.


  1. I'm so glad you and Bunny had such a great time. You are very sweet so have put together a beautiful booklet for Susan. I felt guilty that Bunny didn't have any grand adventures with us. Between working, parenting, being a student myself, community commitments and trying to keep my household from turning into a complete disaster, I don't have much extra time in my life. So I'm glad you were able to show her such a great time in London.

  2. Deb, it's funny because I think that going to Canada is a much much bigger adventure than going to London ... and I also think that I needed to do this and have the downtime because I'm stressed to hell atm. Doing the book and having the break was a great way of escaping it for a while.

    I am in AWE of you managing to juggle all of what you do. I mean without losing Austin it is a huge workload.

    I can't wait to see you in August ... you ARE going aren't you? Please tell me you are :-)


  3. i am touched by this. do not really know what to say. Bunny's trip is as much for me as for all of you. i wanted to see my "friends" and the Traveling Bun was the only way. if you knew how much her trip to all of you means to me you might not see me as that altruistic.

    i am so glad everyone so far likes her. she does have a sensitive soul inside her fuzzy little body. love to you, Boo. you are in my thoughts as much as Deb is during this month.

    peace and love and light.

    p.s. i left a comment on the mixbook sight. =0)

  4. it did almost feel like it was YOU visiting. Does that sound crazy? LOL

    shall visit the site xx

  5. I'm so glad you and Bunny had such a great visit. Can't wait for mine.

  6. Nice one Boo. When Bunny & I are walking the rabbit-proof fence I'll be thanking you (NOT). I'm sure we can find something more leisurely to do in wonderful Australia. Thanks for the laugh!

  7. no worries, nice to "meet" you Widow in Oz, am going to check yr profile to see if you have a blog x