Sunday, February 27, 2011

The future

Mine is an unwanted and unplanned future.

It is not ours. Not our dreams. Not what we had planned.

But I do have a future. And I've just accepted that fact. In its entirety.

Australia proved to me that there is life out there for me. One option that I am still considering is to move to Sydney, as I can apply for roles at our Sydney office and my preferred residence would be in Leichardt (a little Italy, street cafe life, Italian restaurants, safe, with superb sights of the city). I love Australia almost as much as I love my family (who offered to sponsor me should I choose to move there, thus negating the need to jump through all the emigration hoops) and friends who live there.

The property type I had decided upon ... old world on the outside ... sleek stainless steel, granite, wooden flooring, outside decking, minimalist on the inside

But this weekend, I started thinking, I'd be swapping one rat race for another ... albeit a better climate and standard of living.

And so I started to investigate other options, most of which I quickly sent to the reject pile, however one idea grew and grew in interest and I think I might seriously go for it.


It's nearer to most people I love. Peeps I'm close to are moving there, and other friends intend to retire there. I've always felt at home in this country and speak the language. The standard of living is good and I can buy a beautiful property there from half to two-thirds of the value of my home in the UK (which I would sell), thus releasing capital to fall back on just in case. I've pasted links below that show examples of the villas which fall inside this value bracket and they are mainly in the Almeria, Alicante, Malaga and Valencia areas.





So ... I could trade in the rat race for:

teaching English as a foreign language privately (from home, which is why I have chosen homes that have offices/extra rooms which can be adapted for this purpose). I'm already qualified (certificate and diploma) with two years experience under my belt. The going rate is 30 Euros (= $40 or £25) per hour, so this translates into only needing to work a twenty hour week.

and to supplement my income, all these villas have a separate "casita" included, which I could rent out to peeps on holiday. Not to mention they all have a spare guest room or two, which I am sure would be occupied regularly by friends and family visiting.

Oh ... and they are all walled and gated to ensure my two "perros" can't escape.

I've even thought about the fact that I can take a cutting of the fern and some soil to plant in my new home (from where Hammer - our Rottweiler - is buried) ... as well as keeping a small amount of Cliff's ashes to do the same, which goes without saying.

Working a 20 hour week, not having to commute ... hmmm, that does sound appealing. I could employ a cleaner once a week to rake the gravel over and clean (am good at keeping place tidy ... not so good at cleaning) while I prepared my lesson plans ... it would free up time to do ...

this this



and this

Oh, as well as exploring the country, rich in history ... moorish castles and white washed villages. Lemon trees and orange groves. Olive trees and siestas.

I figured that even though it's a future I'd rather not have ... it may as well be the best future I can live.

Here are some villas if you want to have a look:

and the boring stuff is here:

and here:

When I shared these thoughts with my BFF, she announced that she might move with me ... we laughed at the prospect of once again sharing a home ... something we did when we were 18 years old ... she is the only person I can imagine living with and I'm secretly hoping she wasn't joking ... because she did look serious about it.

Yes, it's scary and I'd be alone a fair bit. But then I am now.

And I'm so fucking tired all the time.

This life might be something I can actually cope with, you know? Because right now I just can't keep my balls up in the air. Something always drops. It can't be work. So it's my health, my lack of socializing or living in a house that saps all my energy. He worked so damn hard for this house and on this house ... and he'd be sad to see me remain here out of nostalgia. Because that dream has gone. This will never be the dream that was ... for he is not here to share it with me.


  1. My time in Spain settled in to me like no other place I've been. I wanted to move there myself, 20 years ago - in grenada somewhere. Or the Basque country, though it's not as warm.
    Sounds lovely, Boo. And if you/we do have to have this future, for however long it is, abso-darn-freaking-lutely it should be the best and most beautiful it can be.

  2. Wow, sounds awesome! I've been thinking a lot about fresh starts lately, though there are no solutions for me in the near future. Have you already made the decision to go, or are you still working on the pros and cons list? Thanks for sharing all the beautiful homes and views of Spain!

  3. Granada is very special :-)

    All my wida-friends will always receive a warm welcome if and when I do go too ...

    Deb, this idea is in its infancy ... I've been researching it this weekend and captured most of what I found out in this post ... it would take 2 years to get there (house to finish this year, then property-viewing, and job prospecting the following year, as well as calculating whether tax laws there will enable me to survive financially, and then completing the incomprehensible red tape, never mind schlepping my dogs and stuff over there ... etc).

    My heart is decided.

    My mind is not ... LOL

  4. i love the idea. a fresh start but one of your choosing and in your time frame. not like what happened to me. no choices. no options. i hope you can make your dreams come true however you figure it out.

    me? i still dream of the Saracen Tower in France. hey, if you don't have the wherewithal to make any dreams come true, then dream really, really big.

    peace and love and hopefully a Traveling Bunny soon. i'm getting a little nervous about her flying for so long ~ since the 15th. hope the plane lands with her soon. =0}

  5. so what's the question.. go for it.. life is short.. I think you have answered your own question.. I am reading a book now called the unfaithful widow. it has opened my eyes.. to get outside my comfort zone.. Do what your heart calls you to do Boo.. be well.

  6. Wonderful dreams, Boo ... and very much worth exploring. My trip to the Florida Keys in December provided me with a glimpse of possibilities I never expected and it was invigorating. I've let the plans lapse in the past two months, but your post has reminded me that I have lists to make and things to check on to see what my future may hold. Dream on!

  7. Hey, what a fantastic plan. And place. And climate. And lifestyle... Better get a villa with plenty of spare bedrooms!
    Seriously though, that sounds like a proper thought-out plan, rather than the vague thoughts of "what on earth can I do?" floating around in mine. Definitely worth exploring further, even if just as displacement activity. Jxxx

  8. Ahhhhh I love your plan! I wish that I could pick up and move to Ireland, and maybe I will some day. I'll come visit you in Spain, so get your "casita" ready! :)

  9. It seems like a good plan, Boo. It seems to me that, if a place appeals to you very strongly, it will probably appeal to others who share a similar aesthetic. When I left our farm, I looked for two places (north and south) that I felt strongly about - places where I knew there would be other artists, writers, photographers, and where I would feel at home, even if I was alone. That seems to be working out. Birds of the feather, so to speak. Good luck with making your dream come true. bev (from 'Journey to the Center).

  10. thanks everyone for your words of support and for cheering me on. I'll keep you posted as I research more ... and I meant it - y'all welcome if it happens.

    And Mandy, you'll be staying in the villa with me not the casita xs

  11. Seriously....I wish I could pick you up from two years ago and place you into a room to read your words now. You continually inspire me, Boo. I mean like, seriously deep down, kick in the ass inspire me. I love you. I am so happy we walk together. This is an amazing and beautiful idea and I can really see it -- feel it, feel YOU there. I love it. I really do. You are incredible xoxoo

  12. You'd better come visit - you and Nicole when you do your Spain walk xx

  13. Dream a little dream for YOU. Since you can't go back, I say run forward into a future that calls your name. There are also a few assets I can think of about Spain that you did not mention. I can't wait to hear what you decide. Isn't it nice to know that no matter where you go you will always have "us"?!

    xo M

  14. I love that because I hadn't thought of it xoxox ... I CAN take you all with me wherever I go :-)

  15. Oh Margo, I know it's not "the" dream, "the" future but it's exciting. Different. And it's most definitely about you. You deserve a good future, warm sunshine, new hopes and dreams. And what's even more important if he was standing there next to you, he'd want that for you too. More than ever. ;) Here's to a new future. *hugs*