Monday, February 14, 2011

14th February 2011

Thank you Cliff.

For never buying me flowers on Valentine's Day.

Because they were a rip off.

And for buying me flowers when YOU felt like it.

It means I shan't miss them today.

And I shall miss you as much today as I did two years ago.

And as much as I shall in two years time.

Only you.

My heart and soul are yours.

My body though, useless and cold without you is starting to crave warmth.

And I know you feel no betrayal.

For there is none if you no longer reside in any corporeal form here on this planet.

You are free. Having a spiritual experience.

I am a spiritual being trapped in a human body ... having a human experience ... accompanied by the natural need for touch and intimacy. Warmth. Comfort. Release. Passion.

I feel no shame. I was widowed at 44. If you'd lived to be 108 - I'd have remained faithful to you till I was 100.

But our fate placed me here alone. Till you come for me.

And if anyone has an issue with that ... they can fuck off ... along with that stupid little fucking cherub who goes by the name of Cupid.

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