Sunday, January 23, 2011

Classical Music for the Bereaved

Music for the Bereaved, as suggested by Ann Rachlin

to soothe, comfort and allow tears:

relieve sadness, relieve insomnia:

to accompany us when alone, to think:

Music to give us strength:

encourage change:

Music to support a change of direction and to encourage when there are problems to solve:

music for the "new normal", enriched with memories, yet having actively and fully grieved, experience of grief, acceptance of new normal:

If you do try using this music to help you, please let me know if it worked, or even what your favourite pieces are.

(I haven't included the full list that she recommends due to not finding everything on YouTube.)

My favourites are asterisked.*


  1. Thanks for this list. Hubby and I often listen to a lot of classical music when we're working. It's nice to have some more suggestions especially the reason behind the suggestion.

    And I can't thank you enough for your beautiful comment left on my blog earlier, Margo. Whoa! I feel so grateful to have friends like you. And you're so giving and caring when in fact, you're grief is still so there and raw. I feel humbled in that respect.

    And we must catch up sometime... I keep thinking that but never seem to get round to organising it... even just for an initial "catch up" coffee. Maybe when the weather starts to turn a bit. Sunday coffee at the outlet in Ashford some time?

    Thanks again *hugs*

  2. Jean had been ill for months, was dead beside me when I woke on Thurs morning. Fri night I went to a High School production of Dido & Aeneas. Very cathartic. (this prologue is new to me)

  3. Hello CP ... thanks for the links which I will listen to at home. I'm so sorry for your loss