Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yellow Snow

Elderly people were out walking in the snow.
I brought a smile to their faces, as I pleaded with Barney, "slow down Barney-Boo, please".
He didn't though, unless he stopped to make yellow snow.
I'm starting to enjoy the snow again, like I did when he was alive.
It really is beautiful (unless it's yellow).
It's snoo-snooing, baba. And I'm playing in it. Without you. But with you in my heart.


  1. I can never understand how dogs enjoy having snow up to their undercarriages, but they really don't seem to mind at all. Barney seems to love it.
    I'm glad you got out for a walk in all the prettiness.

  2. thank you for the pictures. i love dogs in the snow. "dogs are the god of frolic" or so said Dorothy Parker. i am glad you got to walk in it and found enjoyment in it. toss a snowball in the air for me. i do not know if we will get any here this far south, but we did a bit last year so my fingers are crossed. oh, and kiss Barney on the nose for me.

    peace to you.

  3. thanks ladies. It's amazing ... strangers talk to you in the snow. I wish people were this friendly all the time ... it's less lonely! How weird is that? Marooned, but less lonely when I go out ...

    I certainly wouldn't like walking in the snow up to the top of my legs, but dogs seem to love it (not my deaf dog tho he hate hate hates it!)

    Barney just got an extra kiss x

  4. Haha I love taking my pups out in the snow. They love it, and it always makes me laugh. However, I'm not ready for snow yet, so you can keep it for a little bit longer!! Love you!! :)

  5. Our first snowfall is on its way and will hit tonight! Your photos got me geared up to what is ahead! You're right about people chatting and being more friendly when you're out walking.

  6. M - snow belongs to you where you live. The weather has made a mistake. An error! Please take it back.

    WITM - please stay warm and safe x