Sunday, December 26, 2010

A little fairy dust

Tree three Boxing Day

Robert cooking our Christmas Dinner

Cliff's Xmas Eve Candle - representing the light he was and is in my life

Indoor Firework

Boxing Day - my godson's tatt - courtesy of Pink Floyd - true words

My beautiful god-daughter

"Hamba gahle ..."

My best g/f infecting me with magic

Xmas Eve - a welcoming sight at Cliff's brother's

Tree #1

Tree #2

My rock and confidante

Right now I am sitting here in the quiet listening to my goddaughter breathing as she falls asleep and reflecting on how good it was to see Cliff's Dad, sister, brother and family. How quickly his closest friends replied to her messages of 'Merry Christmas' and how warmly. How she is so loved and so well ... and how her closest friends can indeed make the impossible happen - that she smiled, laughed and enjoyed the day, the food, the exchanging of gifts, and included Cliff in the celebrations without sinking into a deep dark place. What a massive step forward from last year when I thought I was losing my sanity. Thank you all so much for your love and laughter and thanks most of all to Cliff who taught me to never give up, to face my fears, to laugh through the hard times. It is true. To honour the dead is to have gratitude. It's not about grieving even if it is inescapable. I only fought the tears once today, watching Shrek. Don't ask. I'm just enjoying the magic while it lasts.

I hope the magic touches you too. Wishing you a peaceful holidays filled with light, love and heartfelt wishes that the memories of your holidays past sustain you through this one.


  1. Glad you made it through Christmas.
    Peace, TZ

  2. keeping you in my thoughts. wishing you peace.

  3. Loved reading this post, and seeing your pictures. Glad Christmas was ok for you!

    Wishing you a peaceful new year and may the very best come your way in 2011. Love you!