Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just sitting beside me

Sometimes I just sit and get lost staring at the globe on my blog. I wonder who the people are ... are they widow/ers? Do they find themselves nodding when they recognize their own actions or feelings in my words? Does reading my blog help them, or make them sadder? Are they regular visitors who leave comments, for I sometimes recognize names of places, the inhabitants of which I have met, and love today. Are they colleagues, friends, family or old school-friends? I try to imagine what these visitors go through, what their stories are ... and what adversities (other than grief) they are trying to overcome. I feel like diving into the map, meeting them, holding them, listening to them.

But most of all, I just feel this overwhelming gratitude that they are sitting beside me. That they care enough to visit and check in on me, that they return to follow my journey, and choose to walk beside me.

There are no words ... but to sit beside me, that means the world. It really does.


  1. *waving at you from across the Pond*

  2. I can seeeee you!!!!!!!!!! Big love

  3. Hi there...just checking in on you today and sending love and a big cyber hug. Appropriate that I can see the Camp Widow 2011 countdown on the screen next to my comment! Big love to you girlie, and remember that brighter days really are ahead. Just look up that rock wall and see the other climbers there. xoxo

  4. Big love back at you my lovely friend. I can't wait to see you again next year :-) xxx