Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's still snowing ... but I've chosen my attitude

and you know what? It really is beautiful out there.

I just donned my coat, gloves, hat and Uggs and trundled up to the little shop to buy essentials. The snow is really deep, and crisp. The pavement (sidewalk) wasn't icy. The air did me good, as the office is shut, I've been stuck indoors for a couple of days almost.

It does make one feel a little marooned and cut off from the world, however, I can still work from home, which alleviates getting stressed about that ... and it's quite restful. I can't control the weather any more than I could control my husband dying or not ... it's humbling actually.

I've decided to take it as it comes. To enjoy it instead of getting worried about it. After all, what option do I have. May as well choose a positive attitude.

I think Barney may disappear in it in a couple of hours when we go for our walk. I'll try and take a photo.


  1. This made me smile, Boo. And feel happy for you.
    I hope you still have Barney ....

  2. would love to see a photo of Barney. or better yet, after you have returned and there are "snowballs" dangling off his fur. my Dragon used to call them "snow pants." we'd call the dogs over to the wood stove to start the melting process then sit on the floor with them in towels. one dog each. i know you do not like the snow, but i think i do miss where i used to live. peace tonight. i hope you are sleeping soundly.

  3. I still have Barney :-) He loves the snow!

    Snow pants LOL. I wish I could have met your dragon x