Friday, December 3, 2010

Grief is physical

I was watching "Friends". The one where Monica and Richard are friends ... and she is teaching Richard how to cook lasagna, and he gets tomato on his shirt. She wipes it off his chest. And I can feel it.

His chest.

I literally gasp with the pain.

Oh god no, and I am doubled over with the sheer pain and loss overwhelming me.

Tom Selleck's chest is too similar to Cliff's. Cliff's was nicer, but still, it reminds me too much of what I am missing, of what I have lost, of how much I miss him.


  1. visceral punches to the entire being.

    love to you.

  2. Oh sweetie,

    I can feel the physical reaction you had as I read your words. I've had them too, when I least expect them. Things happen that just bring his touch, his smell, his physical presence right in front of me. And they knock me to my knees. They are such a double edged sword because I love remembering but it's so painful to have them only be memories.

    Keep breathing. Sorry it's hit you tonight. Want to pop over for a drink and a visit?

    Love ya!

  3. Ladies, thank you.

    Wish I could pop over for a drink and some laughter x