Tuesday, December 28, 2010


How strange. Or perhaps not. Three things have been the catalysts, which have brought tears to the brim, and on one occasion, brought tears shamelessly over the brim, silently running down my face over the "season of sleepovers".
Here they are. They look fairly innocuous, don't they? Cute even. I guess what is strange, is the fact that all three of these catalysts were animated characters.

There is a very simple explanation ... all three of these characters have immense courage, they never give up, they keep their word, they do what is right, they overcome adversities (caused through no fault of their own) whilst remaining wonderful souls, and I would challenge anyone who claimed they were fortunate and privileged to find more than one (MAYBE two) people ... throughout their entire lifetime, who have such an enormous heart.
I found one. And I was loved passionately and truly by him for just over 15 years. I still can't believe he chose me. It still stops me in my tracks and stuns me ... that I was so so lucky, so privileged, that we had that "one true love in your lifetime thing". I was his one. He was my one. He told me more than he did any other person in this world. He shared more with me than he did any other. He gave himself wholly to me. And I did him. He told me how important it was that he told me everything ... that he had to, to guarantee we would remain soul-mates, that we would never part ... and he succeeded in his goal. I know he's dead. But we'll be together again, in the same "form" again ... when my fate decides, on a whim ... that it is the right time. Till then, I love him still, as I know he does me, our souls safely entwined. Always.

Only you.


  1. love never dies. you are blessed with him and he is blessed with you.

  2. fate decides on a whim - she certainly does.

  3. I love this post. "I was his one." Oh yes indeed, I was. And your ending is just perfect. They could be my words, too. Thank you.

  4. AMWJ - hi there, I've found your blog and joined it, and added you to my blogroll. I'll read your journey this evening and I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss xx