Thursday, November 25, 2010


What do I have to be thankful for?

The love I have
How much he loves me
that he chose me

my family and friends
my job and colleagues
my widow friends especially

Steve at BMW
my home

my heating and hot water
my neighbour climbing into the loft to turn the boiler back on
my neighbour cutting back the trees and bushes on my driveway without me even asking him to
that I don't have to keep driving thru that branch and hoping that it would snap off

my parents. I'd sooner have had them and lost them both by the time I was 32 than have different ones that were still alive. I know how perfectly wonderful they were

did I mention my beautiful husband

that my eyesight hasn't been threatened by diabetes

my dogs

... although I wasn't thankful that my deaf dog Fred peed in my right Ugg boot while I spent half an hour in my jacuzzi

my jacuzzi

sending you light and love for Thanksgiving ... especially if you have an empty chair at your table today


  1. Sweet post, Boo. We're all thankful for you. xxx

  2. i echo Suddenwidow. we are grateful for you. peace.

  3. Light and love to you dear sister - Namaste. xxoxo

  4. Boo, I don't know whether you would have heard Katy Perry's new song 'firework' and if it would make you smile or sad but whenever it comes on the radio it makes me think of you and your Cliff, just wanted to share that really, you are in so many peoples thoughts. Sending love from South Wales xx

  5. and guys, I am so thankful for you. Sometimes it is only you and him that get me through, day by day, hour by hour.

    Hi Jazzystar, I haven't heard the song, and am about to hit youtube to listen ... thank you SO much for letting me know, and for thinking about my love - it means the world to me <3