Thursday, November 4, 2010

Remember, remember the 5th of November ...

I hardly need to be reminded of Bonfire/Fireworks/Guy Fawkes Night.

As you know, fireworks were a big thing to us ... any excuse ... we'd let one (or fifty) off. Oh, and it's my Dad's birthday too.

Last night, I sat on my sofa, with my hands over my ears (and the curtains firmly shut) trying to ignore the few rockets that were let off early.

I wonder if I'll ever be able to watch them again and enjoy them.


  1. you are in my thoughts. i don't know if you will ever be able to watch fireworks again without at least a lump in your throat or pressure on your chest but i hope one day it will no longer be this bad for you. peace and light.

  2. Oh, Boo .... I'm so sorry. I think that one day it won't be this bad and I pray that you may eventually even enjoy them again BECAUSE the two of you loved them so much. But that day is not here and most likely won't be for quite some time.
    Until then .... come visit me the week of November 5th. We Yanks are mostly clueless to this event and think fireworks are only for July 4th or at midnight on New Year's (or for very, very rich people who spend tons of money on huge, over-the-top weddings). (Dang, thought of another one .... or for the home baseball games of the Houston Astros .... even when they're losing .... but don't worry, baseball season is usally over with by November 5th so I wouldn't be tempted to take you to a game!).

  3. We celebrated Guy Fawkes in SA....sending you and Cliffy love and light, Boo. When the fireworks go off for the 4th of July here... I still cringe, too. Sending you a big warm hug <3

  4. Love to you. Why don't you pop over to Canada tomorrow so you can avoid the fireworks this year? If I could snap my fingers and get you over here, I would. Know that we're all thinking of you and sending our love to wash over you and protect your heart.


  5. Hey Boo. Sorry this will be such a difficult time for you. Living here by the San Diego skyline, I see and hear the fireworks that the hotels set off everynight. They often make me think of you, but in a good way. They remind me of your great send off for Cliff. So while they are not so easy for you right now, they create thoughts of love for you from here.


  6. thank you ALL for your lovely kind comments. What would I do without you guys? You've made me smile, laugh, nod, get a lump in my throat -all in the space of a minute, reading your notes.

    I can do this, just knowing you are walking beside me x