Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Craving Touch

Mmmmmm ... I am definitely ready for someone new in my life.
I found yesterday's trip to the dentist pleasurable, just because someone was touching me and paying attention to me.
And I used to be scared of the dentist.
Then I started fantasizing about the dentist ... and he looks like John Cleese ... so that is REALLY worrying.
Yep, I'm ready.


  1. Love the picture you found for the post! Reminds me that I am due for a check up soon...blech. My dentist definitely looks nothing like John Cleese. More like Moe from the Three Stooges! :)

    xoxo Lynette

  2. I think John Cleese is kind of hot. Obviously your subconscious thinks so too!

    Just kidding Boo. Before moving away from San Francisco I happened to have had a hot dentist. Believe me, I know a lot of dental fanatsies.

    So yes, I would have to conclude the same. You are in need of a good check up.

  3. lol, yes I know I am.

    I have cast a spell over a v handsome Afrikaner. I'll let you know if it works x

  4. Michael Palin, perhaps.
    But John Cleese!!!! :D

  5. very handsome afrikaners are my thing boo ... let me know if you need any advice ;)

  6. Kim, I know ... I had to smile