Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Moving On

I think that firework really did help me.

I've reached acceptance finally, and on my own terms.

I'm amazed I didn't lose my sanity. The fact that it took me 19 months to reach this level probably safeguarded my mind.

Life as I knew it is over. Period.

I've woken up and smelled the coffee, or the roses, or whatever the expression is.

And I want to live again.





  1. i am happy you have gotten to this point. so very happy for you. viva Australia. =0}

  2. I've recently gotten to this point as well, Boo - I'm happy for us! Hope the feeling lasts (I hate the whole three steps forward, two steps back routine)! XOXO Love you!

  3. Thanks S xxxx

    Andrea, I too am hoping that it is a "permanent state" rather than a fleeting feeling ... I so wish it is something more solid after all this time, for both of us xx

  4. I like the three simple words "Live, Love, Live." I find that sometimes the simpler, the more profound and I'll be reflecting on them and perhaps adopting them for my own mantra!

  5. Cheering you on from here! And following in your footsteps!

  6. Good for you.

    I prefer to smell the coffee, as roses just make me sneeze.

    As you know I am trying to do the same. I know that it will still be a challenge, yet I think we do need to make these proclamations.

    Love ya!

  7. Yes, I think that simply being here today is good enough for now. When I have a bad day, I know that I will backtrack to "here" and that in itself is not a bad place to be in :-)

    Love you guys xx

  8. My best wishes to you. It's not easy to get to where you are. Keep living and loving, and don't forget laughing.

  9. First, TAG, you're it!!! Go to my blog for the details. Second, acceptance is hard to get to, but once you do it's like a weight is lifted. Loving and Living, that's all I want to do!! Love you!!! :)