Monday, September 13, 2010

Michael and Dan

Today I wish I was in San Diego.

Today is going to be a tough day for Dan because it is the first anniversary of Michael's death.

Just want to hold him, you know? And listen to stories about Michael.

There are no words.



A name shattered to pieces
A name shattered in the void
A name that never replies
A name that I'll die calling
The one word left in the soul
To the last I couldn't pronounce
My Beloved
My Beloved
The red sun hovers over the hill
And the deer moan woefully
I'm calling your name
On a lonely hill
I call your name in great sorrow
I call your name in deep sorrow
My voice reaches towards the sky
But the sky is too far from the earth
Turn me into stone
I'll call your name till I die
My beloved
My beloved

by a Korean Poet, Sol-Wol Kim (1902-1934)


  1. Thank you Boo. My morning started before dawn. I got myself up, lit some candles, and placed them around Michael's urn. I then began playing one of his favorite pieces of music, the music which comforted him while he was dying.

    I sat. I cried. Then I calmed my soul, and listened. A beautiful peace came over me as I watched the sun rise. Wish that the calm had lasted longer, but I know it will return. I have learned that much during this past year.

    Thank you. You are lovely.


  2. I can't speak. Words fail me today.

    All I can tell you is I love you and I wish you peace, love and light.