Friday, September 10, 2010

Male company

Last night I was invited out to dinner by one of the teams that I work with. This particular team is predominantly male and being with them has made me realize just how much I miss male company.

I don’t see Cliff’s friends often enough (hence their comment about me moving back to the Coast or to Australia).

I laughed so much last night. I love the way men banter and rib each other in that good-natured way. I love the stories they tell. I love their humour, their cynicism, their manliness.

I went home on a high and when I got in I was still smiling.

I miss that.

I miss him.

Think I’ll book myself in for a weekend with Bruce and his twins for some male company. He was a friend of mine when we were around 17. We all hung round in the same crowd when we were single. Bruce lost his wife 6 months before Cliff died and it turns out he only lives half an hour away. We’ve spent some time on the phone and surprisingly only spent the first 10 minutes talking about dead people.

I need some male company.

I miss him.


  1. I think that sounds like a great idea! Wonder where I can find some men to hang around with here! :)

  2. L - do you have any old friends in your area at all, or do you now live literally miles away from where you grew up?

  3. Now here's a topic I am quite familiar with. And stories, have I got stories. But they are not appropriate here. I will save them for the next time I can share a few martini's with you.

    Love you, and love men.


  4. That got me shrieking with laughter Dan :-) LOL hahahha,can't wait till we can have that time together. Love you right back xxxx