Thursday, September 30, 2010

An email

I received this a couple of weeks ago, and thought I'd share it because:

a.) it is lovely

b.) it proves that there are some lovely people out there WITH empathy. Even people whose spouses have not died! Yes, really.

To be fair, most of my friends do have empathy. They really do. But it's always nice to receive confirmation of that every now and again ...

Margo, I have just been reading your blog and I have no words to tell you how I feel for you. After reading this I'm at a loss for words, it is so emotional - like waiting for the end of a good book. I hope you don't mind me describing it like that, I could actually hear Cliff's voice again in your writings. Margo, you must realise you were gifted with one of the modern love stories like Romeo and Juliet, star crossed lovers, no-one finds this in a lifetime even though they search for it, so most settle on second best, you Margo were blessed to have found such pure and passionate love, and by writing about it in your blog you have given me an insight into what this feels like. Thankyou for sharing with me your thoughts and for letting me read them. xx


  1. your friend is right. i wish you peace.

  2. How lovely of someone to write this.

    If you'd like to sign up for a drawing for a copy of The Five Ways We Grieve, visit my blog and leave a comment.

    Hugs, Thelma Z

  3. so beautiful. so true. don't like you love things like this :) i look back now...and i see we have come such a long way. i wish i could reach through the screen and give you a big warm hug.

  4. So sweet. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful friend. But it's easy to be your friend because you are so wonderful!!! Love ya!

  5. Yes, I am blessed to have good people in my life. I always have been.

    Love you guys too.

    I do love things like this Kim, and treasure them as I know you do xx