Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Helen's dream

I got a message from an old friend to say that she dreamed a few nights ago, that she was in a building with Cliff and I. There was wood panelling on the walls of the building that we were in and Cliff was telling her something, but she couldn't remember what it was.
Here is her description of it:
i had a really strange dream the other night and i never dream it was bizarre, and i dont know where it was u was there and cliff he had jeans a sort of blue /grey colour jumper on his hair was in a ponytail and he was telling me something then he really hugged me and now im pissed off cos i got woken up by the children and i never really thought about it till later that evening, and i dont know if it was important it was a strange place a room with a long hallway and wood pannelling
On Thursday night I was in Coombe Abbey which certainly has its share of wood panelling on the walls. Friday I had my car crash. Was he trying to warn me?
This morning I received another message from her as follows:
omg im so glad it meant something i thought u was going to delete me as a crank. hes become your guardian angel soul mates he will never b far i promise u, he never gave up in life so he will never give up on the other side. all the time u need him he will b close by
I cried happy tears.


  1. (((HUGS))) I definitely think he was with you!!!!