Sunday, January 10, 2010

Takeaway Food

"Please can I order a naan bread, chicken korma, and boiled rice?"

"Yes, madam."

"Oh, and do you have any cans of coke?"

"No, we don't have any drinks."

"OK ... can you deliver to 165 xxxxxxxx Lane?"

"No, madam, the cost of the meal is too low."

"Oh, I live alone now, ok, I'll leave it thanks."



and so I trundled up to the little shop, whispering to Cliff, "I miss you so much babe. Are you here now, walking next to me?"

And today, I talked to the cashier because he is quite a jolly chap from Sri Lanka and I don't want him to think I'm rude.

Provided it doesn't snow tonight, the roads look driveable.

And after eating a chili con carne with naan bread, and sipping a very nice vodka and coke, life feels a little better.

I have a little smile on my face, remembering a funny memory ... and if you're sitting out there in the dark, whistling or not, check in later to read it, because I can almost guarantee it will put a smile on your face too.

Once I've written down the story, I'm going to head for a hot jacuzzi and bed, ready to shovel my way off my driveway and head to work tomorrow. Can't wait.


  1. It sounds like your day has shifted, and that your are feeling better right now. What a ride this is. Your post makes me think of all the food that I no longer get to eat because Michael is gone. The kids usually want pizza when we order in on the weekends. The various foods, like Indian, that Michael and I used to order, just don't happen anymore for the same reason you state. I would have to order enough for two to get it delivered. Most of the times I just skip it, and sometimes just skip the meal as well.

    It's always a bit odd looking at the time of your posts, and realizing it is still so early in my day, yet your is winding down. I always smile when you are settling down for a vodka and coke, as I have never had one. I tend to only drink outside of the house, as my daughter has her struggles with alcohol, but I am now becoming obsessed with the idea of settling down with a vodka and coke. I also only buy diet coke, as I prefer the flavor. I wonder if it will have the same flavor, or if I should keep a private stash of regular coke just to drink with my vodka.

    I also don't have a jacuzzi at my disposal, just a shower. Yet, if you think it will give me the same effect, I think I would happily stand in the shower, with my vodka and coke.

    Enjoy your night, and I hope your work week goes well.

    Love. Dan

  2. Dan, I think you need real fat Coke (preferably cans) and ice, and a squeeze of fresh lemon for your vodka.

    I'm sorry your daughter is struggling with alcohol, that is terribly sad, and must be a huge worry for you. I have a couple of friends who battle that particular demon, and it is not funny whatsoever.

    LOL, ahhh, I am spoiled ... or rather, I was spoiled having a husband who is a builder. He built our bathroom for me for our wedding anniversary 3 years ago :-)

    It was good to revel and immerse myself deeply into a happy memory, which I have just posted :-)

    I hope your work week goes well too

    Love Boo

  3. I don't know what naan bread is but the dinner you ended up with sounds pretty darn good. Like Dan, I am going to try the drink - the lemon twist is a nice touch. My boys were out on Sat. night and I ended up eating a bowl of black bean soup topped with cheese along with a toasted buttered bagel. It turned out to be pretty yummy.

    I miss eating like a more regular person. Now, with the boys so busy and me sometimes alone, it is often eating on the fly or quick stuff. I want to make an effort to start cooking more - real food. And if there are left-overs I'll freeze them. Remember how J in Wales put so much attention into her cooking and baking? Even once or twice a month seems like a start for me. Even just one nice loaf of bread!

  4. Naan break is the flat bread that you normally eat with Indian food. And the chile con carne was a microwaveable one. To be honest, cooking makes me so sad, because I cooked for Cliff. I just don't want to yet. One day. Not yet.

    Now I am back at work, it's better, because I eat my main meal at lunchtime in the restaurant there, cheaper, less upsetting, and I end up with a balanced diet, with veg etc.

    J in Wales is a superb cook :-) I don't think I will ever manage to quite hit those standards. I'm good at cooking Italian, Spanish and Mexican, that's about it x

  5. The ready curries from Sainsbury or Tesco aren't as bad as they used to be.

    And (I' sorry this sucks, but it's practical) -- how about ordering for two, and freezing half? This would never have worked for me, since I'm sure I'd scoff the lot. But I have the feeling you're made of sterner stuff.

  6. Why didn't I think of that? What an excellent idea! I shall. thx Roads.

    Not sterner stuff, my friend, just don't have the appetite for food these days, however I am getting an appetite for life again :-)