Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life goes on

Life goes on.

Yes it does.

For others.

How the fuck do I do this ... when I feel like this?

and this?

I know I have to.
I know.
But actually doing it is so hard.


  1. Oh Boo, we'll get there!! I've learned, that so far, time doesn't heal all wounds. But, it does force us to move our lives forward. Each day that we get up and choose to live, our lives move on. We're doing it, we just don't know it. Because the steps aren't big, we sometimes forget that we're taking them. Much love to you my lovie! Big hugs too!!


  2. i love the image of the cloak pulled down over the face. walking through the darkness in daylight. it's perfect for all the hard times. but i'll paraphrase what i wrote earlier to Dan, altered for you, because you are all uniquely wonderful to me.

    i'm here for you. i think most of us write when we are down in the dark and we hope that someone is out looking for us. i think that we post our darkness and wait, know, hope that someone goes to look for us. when that little number clicks over and we one, two, no wait, three comments! we settle in to read. we know that we have been found. our sorrow is not gone or has it lessened but now someone has come in to be with us in the darkness. they are not afraid of the dark because they are just as familiar with it as we are.

    that's why i like the image you have of the man walking with his head under the cloak of a dark night. but it is a night that has an almost full moon. and it has stars. Cliff could be your Man in the Moon. "i see the moon and the moon sees me. God bless the moon and God bless me." and all the stars are your friends who gather near and far to shine their small silver lights for you to find your way in the dark.

    love to you, Boo. i'm sitting with you in the dark. want to whistle?"

  3. thanks Mandy, those are wise words actually, it's important to know, that because I got up today, I am going forward!

    wNs - it's been too long, I've been stuck in the snow too long, and it's making it all worse. I know you are in the dark, sitting with me ... it helps me. xx

  4. Just remember, Boo, as you often tell me - some days are easier, and some way harder. Hang in there.

  5. WITM >>> THE EVENING GOT BETTER :-) i wasn't shouting, there is something wrong with my keyboard!

  6. That's a great image. It portrays the emotion, pretty well.

  7. I love it. I need to start giving credit for where I am getting images from otherwise I might get an angry complaint though.