Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's snowing

It's snowing again.

Big fat flakes.

And it's settling.

oh crap.

I wish I wasn't such a big baby at times.


  1. you're not being a baby. snow can be depressing. i remember a sudden snow squall catching me off guard while i was out walking in early May. i only had a pullover and sneakers on my feet. it was freakin' May! i was out alone taking photos and had gone over 3 miles from the house. i tried to walk back but it was accumulating fast. i ended up calling for my Dragon who fortunately was already out in the car looking for me ---- with the heater on.

    snow can be dreary and tiresome. it somehow can be worse when you're alone. i'm sorry it's snowing again. think daffodils and bunnies, Easter bunnies. think glow sticks and Camp Widow. if you can, i hope it puts out enough light to find and head for through the snow.

  2. Go ahead and curse the crappy snow. I'll join you. We have freezing rain to look forward to this afternoon and evening but I'll take anything over the snow. I start counting down the days until spring right around now. I like wNs suggesting thoughts of bunnies and daffodils...

  3. glow sticks :-)

    WITM - the roads were fine in the end, so no worries

  4. I have freezing rain tonight too WITM! You must be near Chicago!! It's suppose to be about an inch of it. This is the one time I think I might want some snow. Ice is the worst to be driving on. I'm heading back to work tonight after a few days off, and of course we have the freezing rain coming in!! You are definitely not being a baby Boo. I've spent my entire life in Chicago, and whine every single time I hear snow on the news! Call me silly, I hate it, yet I can't seem to leave!! :) Lots of love, and warm thoughts your way!!


  5. I love to watch the snow fall and pile up, but then...I am a lazy retired person and I don't have to get out and drive in it. HAH! I remember when I did work--some 45 mile drive and I was always so fretful if it started snowing at night, knowing what a bad trip it would make in the morning, so I can empthasize with you, but in the end...everything was all right.

  6. Well, I still can't really enter the discussion of snow, it just doesn't happen for us San Franciscans. But, we do have lots of rain lately. Can't say that it causes the same problems, but it can sure be a pain in the ass to drive in.

    Anyway, I love the rain. Plus, it allows me to enjoy the new 'fake' fireplace I bought. I can't put a fireplace in my home, so I bought this silly heater, that is inside a beautiful wood fireplace. The kids think I'm a bit nuts, as we do have a very nice indoor gas furnace. Hey, I say, if it makes me happy....Oh yeah, we were talking about snow.

    Boo hates snow.

    Boo fights with snow.

    Boo calls snow flakey.

    Snow is now angry with Boo.

    Boo is in for more trouble.

  7. haha :-) and today it is sunny