Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Almost over

Busy times.


Work was a distraction from the date today.

Kimbers IM'd me to suggest we escape to the pub for lunch, and Faye invited me round for dinner ... I'm sure they didn't know what the date was ... even so, it was perfect timing.

Lunch was excellent company and good food ... all the more enjoyable because there is a balance there (in conversation) ... death no longer drowns out other subjects, banter and laughter. Kimberly was on good form (and in Grazia magazine - she is Front Row Fashion Show's Ambassador) ... and when we got back to the office, she tweeted me:

Thanks for a LOVELY lunch my dearest. Yum Yum. Nxt time can we talk about something other than ur dead husband? Its been a YEAR!

Being graced with the same sick sense of humour as my friend, I howled with laughter at my desk, even though everyone else appeared a bit freaked out - seriously, only the blackest fucked-up humour does it for me these days.

I wonder if she's had 5 million negative tweets back?

To attempt to stem the flow of threatening messages from overloading the servers, I sent her a tweet back:

LOL, yes I know I should be over it ;-) Love you hon, great company as always x

And so I thought I'd destroyed the monster for today. Nearly. But Faye found the chink in my armour ... she is very perceptive ... and has been a wonderful friend to me throughout the year, and knows that I have a thing about crying about it in front of other people now. She equally knows that it's something that I need to do sometimes though. And she lets me. No fuss. Just lets me get it out and reassures me at the same time. Clever that.

The 26th of January is almost over.

I'm going to see it out with a vodka and a jacuzzi ... he wouldn't expect anything less.


  1. Boo, another milestone, eh? You made it! I had not doubt whatsoever, and enjoyed reading about your day. Perfect ending to your day with the vodka and jacuzzi.

    P.S. I love that you have a dark sense of humor! Laughter is sometimes the best relief.

  2. by my time it is over for you. i'm glad ypu had good friends around you. you're vodka in the jacuzzi. i'm rum and coke in the bathtub.

  3. Oh wow... you me and that lady need to meet up for some tea and make wildly morbid and innappropriate jokes :) I found myself ignoring the day of Warren's funeral - it was too much, and too soon right next to the year mark. Enough already of these death-reminders! We need some more "life-reminders" in our lives!!

    Nicole and I are planning on heading out to Spain in August... you bet your hiney we'll be meeting up!!!!


  4. Wow, our lives are almost remarkably the same. I was reading this, and seeing it out while standing in my shower with a diet coke.

  5. I'm breathing a sigh of relief for you.

  6. It's over, and you survived. I'm sure that the vodka and jacuzzi had a lot to do with it! ;) That tweet was hilarious, it made me chuckle! I think the dark humor comes with the territory. To this day I still freak my friends out when I bust out a dark joke. Much love to you hunny bunny!!

  7. Love to you all ...

    it's over, for now. Feeling strong :-)

    Kim, keep me posted on plans for Spain - I cannot wait to meet you and Nicole. It's so brilliant that the two of you are doing this together. I love it.

    Dan - I do believe you have got an almost British sense of sarcasm, and love that too :-)