Monday, December 21, 2009

Stuck in snoo-snoo

I got stuck in the snoo-snoo for an HOUR this morning, really near home.

I felt like abandoning my car, but didn't.

I threw a tantrum, that helped lots.

I cried, that helped lots too - NOT.

Some pedestrians actually crossed the road rather than help me ... that just made me despair of human beings as a species.

After an hour, a man in a bobble-hat and a kind smile pulled over in his Mini, and then a builder's van pulled over too. They shovelled around my wheels. They actually drove the car onto "good road", and then gave me a hug.

I got to work late, but I'm here.

I fucking hate snoo-snoo.


  1. i'm sorry, Boo. but someone did find you and help you. angels sent along to give you a hand. and you got hugs! human contact. the warmth that must have coursed through you with that brief and well-meant touch. and now you're at work where you wish to be. people bustling around. things to do to keep busy. i am sorry you hate the snow so much but just think, Spring is only 3 - 4 months away. think daffodils and short sleeves. and then it will be August and you can meet the country mouse. i should say the "beach bunny." that was the term of endearment my Dragon called me. his 'beach bunny." even in a blizzard i'd ask him to walk with me on the beach. *sigh* no snow. no beach. it's a cross to bear. the trifecta. the Dragon has flown away. i have no beach. i have lost myself.

    btw, what is a bobble-hat?

  2. LOL - a hat with a pom-pom on top of it :-)

    yes, you're right ... I was rescued, but now I am scared about the journey home.

    I love "beach bunny"!!!!!

  3. If wNs is a beach bunny then Boo, you are a snow bunny! Your drive home will be fine - the roads will be clearer by then because people will have driven on them all day. Just drive with confidence and cruise right through that snow!!! I know, easy for me to say.

    On another note, I finally had the courage to read Cliff's Eulogy. You did an amazing job and you made me wish I had done Austin's, though I know at the time it would not have been possible. Just helping my sister with his PowerPoint presentation was so overwhelming. Five days after his death I just wasn't up to writing or speaking publicly, and I'm so impressed that you created such an amazing tribute to Cliff. Austin always said he wanted a Viking Funeral when he died and I loved that you blew viking horns at the end of your service! I wish I had been so smart!

    The poem "Death is Nothing At All" and the Dragon Fly story are two things we read at Austin's send off this summer when we spread his ashes. So needless to say by the end of your eulogy I was bawling. This Christmas I gave each of the boys a stain glassed dragon fly to hang in their windows.

    Ok, I really have to go pack so I send you my love and my Canadian driving in snow confidence. I'll check in with you tonight before I sign off for 10 days.

    Love Deb

  4. I find the winter weather and snow hard to cope with on my own and have my own set of snow stories that I've survived. Like wNs said, the angels did eventually come to you and you made it! Every time something like this happens, although it will not be a pleasant situation, at its end you will at least know that you have managed to get through. It was hard, uncomfortabe and tore at your heart, but you saw it through as best you could and got to the other side in one piece. Keep hanging in there, take a deep breath and know that whatever lies ahead, you'll meet it head on just as you did today. I'm proud of you!

  5. oh Debbie, thank you for what you said about the Eulogy. It was different for me you know ... I didn't have two sons to worry about, and I was staying at Cliff's Dad & Sister's house. Basically I locked myself in C's sister's office for 2 days to write it. It made me feel close to him at the time and I swear it helped me retain my sanity, if I am brutally honest.

  6. WITM - thanks for saying you are proud of me. I think I could do this if I could hear him say those words. Just having affirmation helps!