Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My lover's prayer

I just made some ravioli for lunch and almost dropped the plate, splashing very hot red sauce all up my arm. Intuitively, I started yelping for Cliff ... ow, ow, OW ... and started bawling because he wasn't there to soothe me.

God, I sound like such a high-maintenance bitch. I guess I was. But it was the way we were. We were happy anyhow.

My point is, this song immediately popped into my head and I had to share it with you all. Apologies if it has the same effect on you as it did me, however it IS a beautiful song, and happens to be one that Cliff loved.


  1. beautiful, beautiful song. you are not a high-maintenance bitch. you simply turned to the man you love and he wanted you to. he wanted you. flaws and all.

    there is something about you that called to him, calls to him. normal human frustrations discount. no one is perfect. but you are perfect for him and he is perfect for you. i wish i could take my own advice when i tell you this: be kind to yourself. i don't know how many photos you have of Cliff but the one up there that you have shows all the love and humor and awareness of your flaws in his face. he adores you. remind yourself of it when you feel down about yourself. say it with me: "he adores you."

  2. again, you always know what to say to me. And you just get "it" and me. Thanking you through my blurry eyes. And wishing that you would take your own advice ;-)

  3. Surprisingly, it is always the little stuff that ends up throwing us so out of whack - like spilling a hot plate of ravioli and sauce on an arm. You really said so much in this short and sweet post. Most of us rise up to the occasion in having to handle and get through "bigger" matters. I really appreciate how you demonstrate that it is the ordinary occurrences that come out of no where when least expected that can bring us to our knees.

    I beg readers out there to understand how tough it can be always patting the boo boos by ourselves, when all of us need someone close to us to kiss and make them better. Hope this post gives those who have loved ones in their lives some appreciation for all that they have.

  4. WITM - I am always saying it is the little things, like driving in snow, or spilling hot sauce on your arm or whatever that can bring us to our knees. As one of my friends says, "I'm ill, and I've got to stroke my own hair," which can try us the most.

    Thanks for your empathy as always, sending you love xx