Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My dream last night

It was sunny.

Cliff was walking towards me up the garden path.

I was holding my breath.

and thinking, please don't disappear.

I was trying not to blink,

drinking in the sight of him.

Smiling at him, as he was me.

He was wearing the dark green polo shirt that we bought in the Dominican Republic,

and looking gorgeous.

Those clear blue eyes,

and just as I opened my arms to hug him

he turned into a cardboard cutout - blank.

But I hugged him anyway.

And it broke my heart all over again.


  1. i grieve for you. sometimes are dreams are more cruel than people. we can have ones like what you described or ones where it's all so perfect, so real, and then we have to wake up to the darkness of a new day without them. it's harder to hang on after dreams like that. damned if you do and damned if you don't.

    but you aren't damned, Boo. not having a man like Cliff in your life and in your dreams. don't let a Dicken's "bit of undercooked potato" keep you from dreaming. because even though it's painful to wake from a good one, the time spent there is a small ember you can keep with you all day. he loved you. he loves you. he will keep loving you until eternity ends, and beyond. you can see it in those clear blue eyes of his.

  2. oh yes, you are so right ... I'd rather have those little embers than a completely cold hearth. I hope you got my email back to you last night? Love to you xx

  3. I'd say acknowledge the end of the dream, cardboard cutout, as your needing to remind yourself of the reality. It is a small part of the dream as you describe it. Don't let the small parts diminsh your main story, in dreams or in life.

    The main part of the story is a dream, yet very life like. This is telling you that Cliff is there as you imagine him. He is holding you, transfixed by your beauty. You see the look of his love for you reflected in his eyes.

    Choose the beauty in life. Choose the beauty in your relationship. Give the rest some recognition, but try not to let it diminish what you have and had.


  4. It was a lovely dream, even with the ending.

  5. Just walking by your side my sister...just walking by your side.((((Boo))))

  6. Dan, WITM and Suzann, thank you all ... I am struggling right now, but struggling less than I would be without you <3