Thursday, December 24, 2009

I lit the candle early

I lit the candle early because I'm not convinced I will be awake at midnight.

Happy Christmas Cliffy. I am trying to wrap myself in those beautiful memories of our Christmases together, but the pain keeps overshadowing them. I love you x


  1. then i shall go light mine and together they will burn brighter than the gaudiest of light shows this night. Cliff and my Dragon will see them better amongst all the clutter because they were lit with so much love, and yes, sorrow.

    i walked a mile with pleasure
    she chatted all the way
    but left me none the wiser
    for all she had to say.

    i walked a mile with sorrow
    and ne'er a word said she
    but oh, the things i learned from her
    when sorrow walked with me.

    it's still early here across the pond. i will keep vigil a while longer. night, night, Boo. you are in my heart.

  2. and you in mine. I like that you are lighting your candle too <3