Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Vacation

This has stopped my tears.

I have mustered a smile, half a laugh even, and there is a giggle forming somewhere inside me ...

and all because of this clip ...

I mentioned in an earlier post that Cliff and I used to watch this movie every Christmas.

I thought it would be too painful to watch, but actually it has had the opposite effect.


  1. i've never seen it. i'll have to add it to my list. i'm watching Discovery Channel marathon, "Deadliest Catch."

    go see my candles!

  2. Cliff used to love that show! Off to see the candles x

  3. I am so glad you are smiling and laughing (even a half laugh). My sons and I just watched this movie a few days ago. Your experience is kind of like Dan's hearing the bubble wrap pop and being surprised that it actually had the opposite effect for him too!

    I wish you more moments like this. I am going to throw in a pizza for the boys and I, then escape by watching "The Office," which always gives me a laugh and smile too.

  4. WITM, strangely enough, I had that exact thought earlier about the bubble wrap parallel!!!!

    Enjoy your pizza and the Office :-)

    Happy Christmas xx