Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby Steps

Ok, so yesterday ...

I tidied and cleaned up some ...

... went to the shops for essentials and non-essentials (but yummy)

... which meant I got washed and dressed ...

... and ate something other than Special K with Red Berries ... since Manda's Xmas Dinner ...

... and spoke to Vicki (yes, I answered the phone!)

.... and I never thought I'd say this, but thankfully ... the snow has all melted ... (so I can drive at more normal speeds)

Today's aims and goals are:

asking Paul to re-set my boiler

do laundry

have a bath

make some of those overdue phone calls

Tomorrow, I need to stay in all day because I have bought myself a Christmas present (which is due for delivery):

the new i-phone (it is GORGEOUS and I got it much cheaper than I thought I would)


the hands-free thingy so I can talk when driving (although I'm not entirely convinced this will fit the phone, even though O2 have advertised it as such)

Can't wait to play with it ... I can upload photos of Cliff, family, friends, plus music and loads of stuff ... mmmmmmmmmmmm ... and upload those all important apps ... and it won't cost me any more than my current monthly contract does :-)

[it's all Sara and Manda's fault(s) for showing me theirs]

... so while I'm waiting for the courier to rock up, I will finish off any outstanding household paperwork (yawn) and vacuum the house again - it needs it because I bought the dogs two teddy bears yesterday and Barney has been shaking their innards ALL over the house, and I mean EVERYWHERE. It's worth it to see the happiness it brings him.

Then I shall pop down the coast on the 30th to see family and friends - that will be good. I'll be ready. NOT YET.


  1. how exciting! a new i-phone. my son loves his. i bet it feels good to just do the mundane things and get the little sense of "okay, that's out of the way." new toys are great, aren't they.

    and my dogs love love love to rip and tear into those silly $1 store toys. i sit on the floor and watch them, then i pick up all the stuffing. after a couple of months of determined annihilation, i put what's left of the toy in the trash and get them a new one. they love it.

    i'm glad you're going to the coast. if you can, take a photo for me. i'd love to see it. i will be sewing and, i don't know, watching the Twilight Zone marathon or something.

  2. LOL, I am watching a "Bones" marathon today (and kind of was yesterday ... it was on, but I wasn't tuned in!)

    I will take a photo(s) for you of the coast when I do my walk on Jan 6th ... and then upload them to a CD at Tesco (misplaced camera lead) ... and upload some pix here ... there are some of family, Savannah, mini school reunion, school reunion, and the two candles for the Dragon and Cliff on Xmas Eve ... all long overdue ... so I shall do them all at the same time, and place them on the relevant blog posts.

    But I shall take one of the sea just for you :-)

  3. So glad you are doing something nice for yourself - I LOVE my IPhone - it is so fun and convenient. I remember so well when sleep was something that didn't happen - like living in my nightgown - try to be as gentle with yourself as you can. Love and hugs across the miles.

  4. You reminded me that I should pick up some Special K to start that diet at the New Year! Keeping active and getting up and out and about is what I am finding helps the most. It sounds like you are doing that and I hope it is making you feel more energized and hopeful. I also like your idea of listing some goals for the day. I'm so glad the snow melted - believe me I can relate to that!

    Hugs and warm thoughts to you for the rest of the week.

  5. S - still waiting patiently for iphone NOT xx

    WITM - I think I need goals everyday, or it's too easy to stay in (dirty) PJs xx