Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Away on business for the last time this year

Leaving at 06h30 tomorrow.

Will try very hard not to attract police escort this time.

Barney and Fred are in the dog-hotel for the duration ... I managed not to cry when I dropped them off, but really really wanted to. I hope Fred doesn't think that he's been dumped again. Thankfully, John took us and came in for a drink afterwards.

The house feels too empty and haven't stopped crying, so have only just finished packing.

This is going to be a good meeting, albeit an emotional one ... my Line Manager is leaving the company in January, so it's our last meeting with her. I think it's a dead cert that I'm going to blub at some point over the next 2 days ... but I don't think I'll be the only one.

Internet, I'll be back on Thursday.


  1. Have a good trip and meeting. Blub away! We'll be here awaiting your return!

    Seriously, your dogs are Barney and Fred? I love that!!!!

    Safe travels!

  2. Have a great trip. Be safe and enjoy!!!


  3. Safe travels...take care of you.

  4. D - yes they are Fred and Barney ... well you can call him whatever you like because he is deaf (Fred) LOL x

    L - thx, back safe x

    S - thx hope you are better x