Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A voicemail from one of Cliff's brothers

I picked up a voicemail from Cliff's brother Graeme late last night, saying that he was thinking about me and Cliff because it "was coming to that time of year already" and asked me to call him when I had a minute ... so I responded and he said that he'd be at home all over Christmas and that I'd be welcome anytime, whatever I wanted to do.

Nice, I know.

But what was really nice was that he laughed, really laughed when I told him about the fireworks, and he said he'd been looking at the photo that I gave him. Not only that, it was so good to hear that whenever he saw anyone in town that the first subject they brought up was always Cliff, and how highly they thought of him.

I really liked that. It makes my heart swell with pride.

That's my husband.


  1. he's a good guy, your Cliff. everyone knows it. they will always know it. the ripples of his life will be moving out and bouncing back for decades to come. think of the patterns. ripples coming back to move through ripples moving out. everyone he touched has been affected forever by him. AND everyone who has ever heard a "Cliff story" will wish they had known him.

    and then there's you. right in the middle of all those ripples and memories. you are the center of the Cliff universe. you are the sun. he loves you and everyone knows you as such. oh, true, you have your own identity but when the grief is bad, remember that you are the sun and Cliff orbited around you.

  2. wNs - I love what you wrote ... it actually made me smile and made me feel warm. You should write for a living - you have such a talent you know?