Sunday, November 1, 2009

Update on the wind and rain

Well, half an hour after my last post, Shaun and Gary appeared even though they knew working on the roof was out of the question. I was so happy to see them. Gary had an abscess on his tooth and a fat face ... he was clearly in pain - yet they still came.

We chatted, talked seriously, laughed and gossiped for a couple of hours ... and then they suggested I follow them back down to the coast ... which I did, and I overcame another major hurdle with them ... because of them.

I WENT FOR A DRINK IN OUR OLD HOMETOWN and I kept my shit together! Yes really, no tears ... although those came this evening - but they would have done anyhow.

Afterwards, I saw Gaynor and that's always good. She is such a beautiful person. An earth mother. I feel calm and completely relaxed with her ... I can say what I want and she understands, not only that, she gives me a balanced perspective and solid advice, interjected with her own inimitable sense of humour.

And the bonus - their son Carl, who is also my friend ... and who Cliff was very fond of and had respect for even ... popped round with his two sons - and they are a delight. Good for the soul :-)

I love our friends.


  1. i'm so glad. you are blessed with such wonderful people in your life.