Saturday, November 28, 2009

My goddaughter Georgia

Emma, Georgia, Vicki
My goddaughter is having two wisdom teeth removed today. Right about now she is under general anaesthetic because there are complications. She has never had a general anaesthetic before. Ever.

My stomach is on a fast spin programme.

I want to call her mother (my friend Vicki) but cannot yet. My mouth is too dry to speak.

We would have both happily undergone this for her. Instead of her.

She was so scared.

Poor babe.
If Cliff were still here, I'd have worried less ... everything always felt okay and safe with him here. Now it doesn't. Not anymore. I hate this.


  1. i'm sorry, Boo. i know what you are talking about. the guys could always rationalize better. i would always think dire thoughts and my Dragon would say, "okay, hang on. let's just look at this." and he'd go through point by point on why it was too early to get upset. i can't do that alone. i could only do that with him.

    i will be thinking of Georgia today. keep us posted.

  2. thanks wNs, I know that I shouldn't worry unless/until there is something to worry about ... but even so ... it's tiring isn't it? Worrying all the damn time. I never cease worrying about stuff, every single day. Before my only fear was that he would die, now he has and now I seem to worry about everything instead of one thing.

  3. I think worrying comes along with widowhood. I never was a worrier before, and now I worry about seemingly everything. It's exhausting! I'm trying to just have faith that things will work out like they're supposed to. But considering that my husband died, it's hard to have this faith now.

    I'm sure Georgia will be just fine, though sore for a while. Keep us posted.

    Take care today,

  4. thanks <3

    Georgia is fine and recuperating at her grandmother's house tonight.

    Phew, one less worry ...

  5. =0) i'm so glad. now you try to relax. we need you.

  6. Oh gosh, I feel for you so much! Ugh! Everything in your life seems to have such different meaning. It must be so horrible. Thinking of you and hope all went well with Georgia. x