Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without ...

grrrrrrrrrrrrr ... I hate Marks and Spencer's Xmas advertisement.

The answer is clearly "my husband".

NOT ... stuffing, mince pies, or whatever ...


  1. it's started here as well. Christmas ads. i'm not going to make it if i have to keep seeing them. i'm going to have to keep the television off, not read the paper, and close my eyes if i ever go out.

    and damn straight. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without our husbands.

  2. LOL at thought of you walking around with your eyes shut! If I was clever enough to invent a gizmo that allowed you to cyber-shoot the people in the TV ads ... I reckon there would be a niche in the market for sales!

  3. I'm having the same problem here. I used to love Christmas and now I cringe at everything I see, hear, and smell related to the season. I never used to understand the whole idea of "Blue Christmas" services at our church, for those who have lost loved ones and are not looking forward to the holidays. I understood that they were sad but I didn't grasp how earth shattering and life altering losses can be. I think there are a lot more of us who now dread Christmas out in the "real world" than I ever realized. I hate that I'm so enlighted now about such horrible realities. How are we going to get through the holidays (which for me also include our anniversary on New Years Eve, never mind my birthday on Jan. 13th) ?

  4. Debbie, I didn't even know that churches did "Blue Xmas" services .... don't think they do here in the UK. I agree, I hate that we have joined this awful reality. It's your wedding anniversary on NYE? Oh jeez, that's tough, and we have Cliff's deathiversary on January 6th right after it. Bleurghhhhhh :-( Can we all connect on NYE somehow?

  5. omg, fantastic idea Boo! we have to figure out how to talk on NYE ! someone come up with something. skype. conference call. someone get on this right away because i am technologically challenged wait. i have a son who is a computer whiz. i'll ask him what he thinks is the best way for us to communicate cheaply. i'll get back to you all on this unless one of you can bring something to the table, too. =0) NYE might not suck too badly after all.

  6. I agree. I wonder if my work would let me use my conference call card for this? I'll ask my boss. I can't do skype because this is work laptop and not allowed to load it x

  7. I made it through last year by being sick and not really paying much attention.

    This year, I am distracted by my upcoming trip so I don't seem to mind the ads so much.

    The one thing I don't think I could bring myself to do if I was going to be home would be to go out on Christmas Eve and look at all the Christmas lights. That was something we did together and I'm not ready to do it alone.

    (((HUGS))) to everyone! We will get through the holidays together!!!!!

  8. Lynette, yes the lights ... the lights. I totally identify. We were both like big kids with the lights and I know I couldn't do that either. I'm glad you are preoccupied with your trip, you are going to like the ship, it is wonderful.

    Another thing I shan't do this year is watch Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation movie because we watched that together every year we were together and used to crack up and snigger like kids watching it :-) And Cliff was going to put white xmas lites all over our roof like he did in the movie!


    But you ARE right, we will get through this together hon xxxx