Saturday, November 21, 2009


It's 17h00 and I'm still in my PJs.

Just can't be bothered today.

What's the point?

Why clean? I'm on my own.

I'm exhausted.

Tomorrow will be better ... going down to the coast to spend the whole day with old friends.

Monday I'm in Birmingham for a meeting.

Thursday I'm in London - this will be a very late and bubbles-fuelled night (Marketing Awards in Park Lane).

Just thinking about the next few days is tiring ...

but I'll do it, mainly because I've given myself permission to be a lazy moo today.

I just can't do it all anymore .... shows just how much Cliff supported me.

The trash needs taking out, shopping is a necessity now, the floor needs mopping ... I could go on, but it'll only stress me out.

Today, I have a day off.


  1. you deserve one of those. i truly enjoyed mine yesterday afternoon. a bit down in my back today but little by little i'm ticking off my list.

    stay in your pj's. stare at the wall. sip tea. try not to think. then close your eyes and sleep, and let your dreams be wild and free. let him come to you there and find a sense of peace.

    i'm here thinking about you while i slowly clean this little place for the dreaded Thanksgiving happening here in this country whether i want to face it or not. i'm bent over like a bent old woman but i'm going to get this done. i won't be alone on Thursday, not like Christmas. i'll write about Christmas after Thursday. can't deal with it all.

    love to you, Boo. take care and baby yourself.

  2. I would still be in my PJs too but I actually had lunch with a friend I haven't seen in a few weeks. It was great. And, since I was up, I planned to clean and do laundry when I got home.

    And guess what...I decided that *I* am taking a day off too! Catching up on DVR'd stuff, enjoying some nice chocolates from the shop downtown and just taking time to relax.

    The house is a mess but Cody doesn't seem to mind so why should I? (((HUGS)))

  3. aww, thanks both.

    wNs - hope your back is better and that you relaxed some today?

    L - thx 4 sharing, I feel less bad. Glad you had a great day :-)