Sunday, October 25, 2009

New blog to recommend

Hi all

I've added a new blog to my list on the right, called "Grief Healing" (or you can also click here:

It will be worth checking this regularly because it is written by Marty Tousley, an extraordinary woman and counsellor (on the Bereavement Forum that I joined, which in itself helped me beyond words, especially during my first few months).

In her own words, Marty says, "In my daily travels around the Web, I’m always discovering valuable resources that I think deserve a wider audience and ought to be shared with everyone who may be interested. Finding useful information about grief, loss and transition is like a treasure hunt for me, and once I find these treasures, I don’t want to lose track of them. I have a need to “put” them somewhere so that others can find and use them, too ~ perhaps more easily and more quickly than I did. This blog offers me a marvelous way to do that.The volume of material available to us on the Internet is exploding, and many of us don’t have the time, the energy, or the inclination to find it, much less digest it all. You might think of this blog as my effort to “search the Web so you don’t have to.”

You can also find a wealth of other "treasures" (thanks to Marty) here:

I have read (and re-read) many articles that Marty herself wrote here:

and a list of music for "grieving and healing hearts" here:

Strength to you today (because Sundays always suck).


  1. Thank you from me too! I'm always appreciative of new sources of grief support. Wishing you strength today, too!

  2. Wow that's wonderful! I hope you are well, Boo. xo