Friday, September 4, 2009

Looking forward to meeting Ronnie

Ronnie the wonderdog

I've booked my flights and Purple Parking at Heathrow (so I don't get stressed when I fly home as I usually can't remember where I've parked the car). Homeland Security have approved my application to enter the USA, and I've booked the time off work.
Next month I'll be enjoying the balmy weather of Savannah, GA and Ronnie's company, as well as my hosts', and meeting PJ (a sister-widow). I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to it because I'm staying with an old school-friend and her husband, so I'll feel at home.
And the bonus is that since I lost Cliff, I've also lost my fear of flying. In fact, whenever I'm on a plane and it loses altitude suddenly, I laugh (out loud). Crazy? Reckless? Not really. I'm just not afraid of dying anymore, and in a perverse way, I'd welcome it.
But I am learning to look forward to things again. Learning to re-join the world, little by little, very slowly. One step forwards, three steps back. I'll do it for him and for no other reason.


  1. Sounds like a GREAT trip! Take TONS of pictures!

    And I know what you mean about losing your fear of dying. Driving home this afternoon, I thought about a car hitting me and I wasn't scared because I knew I'd see David.

    Thankfully, it didn't happen today lol! :)

  2. we have such sick sense of humour, thank god!!!! :-) HUGS